• Relax & Play Pickleball

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Relax & Play Pickleball

Just a short walk to the beach

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Roman Sada, Teaching Pro

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I finally figured out how to use top spin on the pickleball. Without a tennis background this is difficult and Roman didn't give up on me. #topspin #underspin


Roman is the best instructor we have ever had. My women's doubles partner and I have won several gold medals, much due to the training we get from Roman.


Roman ROCKS. He is fun. He is a really good instructor.


Lighthouse Resort"Come to the Cape"

Come play indoor pickleball on a world class tennis surface, get out and enjoy "The Cape", the peninsula is surrounded by nature preserves, active lighthouses, working marine villages and an endless (26-mile) sandy beach. Paddling, biking, fishing, and kite flying are all popular activities. Relax and experience the local culinary scene as the peninsula has attracted world-class chefs taking advantage of our famous fisheries, cranberries, and mushrooms.

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Cape Columbia Pickleball at the Lighthouse Resort

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