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Cape Columbia Pickleball

"Intenzivní" Holiday Pickleball Camp Pacific County Residents December 17 - 18, 2024

"Intenzivní" Holiday Pickleball Camp Pacific County Residents December 17 - 18, 2024

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Join us for a special camp celebrating our Pro, Roman Sada, and his Czech heritage! Get ready for a festive experience packed with holiday fun as we explore Czech traditions together. You'll learn about Čert, Anděl, a Mikuláš and how they bring years of rich Holiday cultural heritage from the Czech  Republic.  

In addition to the holiday festivities, our pickleball focus will cover all facets of the game. From dinking to driving, dropping, serving, returning, lobbing, blocking, and strategizing, we'll dive deep into every aspect of pickleball play.  

And to top it all off, on the final day, we'll indulge in delicious Czech dinner together. It's bound to be a memorable and enriching experience for all!

Story Behind the Characters
Together, Čert, Anděl, and Mikuláš represent the duality of Christmas traditions in Czech culture, with Čert symbolizing punishment for wrongdoing, Anděl embodying protection and goodness, and Mikuláš bringing joy and rewards to children who have been good throughout the year.

CAMP DETAILS:  Please read thoroughly.  This is a 6 hour camp with a Holiday Theme "Christmas in the Czech Republic."    

Tuesday, December 17, 2024: 9:00 a.m. - Noon

Wednesday, December 18, 2024: 9:00 a.m. - Noon

When you purchase the camp, you'll have the opportunity to provide any pertinent information about your skill level or specific needs in your cart, look for ”Order special instructions".

Athlete Cancellation Policy: If the athlete cancels more than 15 days prior to the camp we keep  $25 fee per person or you can move the entire amount to a credit for a future camp at the Lighthouse Oceanfront Resort.  If the athlete cancels within 15 days of the camp, we will refund only 50% of the camp fee.


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